Silicon Products:

The Diving Company only sell class V1, healthcare grade silicon rubber products that are FDA approved for food and skin contact, designed and made in the USA.

Longbite Mouthpiece

Colours. Black - Translucent - Orange - Yellow

Standard Mouthpiece. 

Colours. Black - Yellow

Octo/Tech Style Necklace 

Colours. Black - Pink - Yellow

Octo Strap. 

Colours. Yellow

Tank Strap. 


Safety Products:

The Glo-Toob

If you are like us you will agree that there are better ways to attract attention than a chemical stick.

For over eight years we have been using the Glo-Toob. The worlds toughest, brightest and smallest emergency light marker, some of ours are that old and still going great.

Glo-Toob now make a new unit that uses a single AAA battery. This unit has 3 modes:100% on - 25% on and strobe.

Glo-Toob AAA model 

Modes:100% on , 25% on and strobe.

Colours. Green - Red - White

Glo-Toob The Original 

Uses 2 x 23A Batteries

Modes: 100% on or off

Colours. Green - Red - White

Signal Mirror

We have all heard stories of divers left at sea. These mirrors work in both night and day time.The standard mirror has red on one side for night time, use with a dive light.Comes with a floating neoprene case.

Standard Signal Mirror with case. 

Rescue Flash mirror. 
Lexan mirror with aiming aid and visible over 20 miles.

Signal Tubes

Once the choice of Tech Divers SMB's are now considered a standard part of every divers equipment.
A standard on most dive boats and even the law in some countries.These two will also work for safety / deco stops.

Standard SMB -
Signal Tube with oral inflate valve and quick dump valve.
Diver Below printed on it. ( 48" x 5" )Standard SMB.
Colours. Yellow or Orange

Yellow & Orange SMB- 
Taller than the rest at 72" tall and 6" round with oral inflate.
Diver Below printed on it.Yellow & Orange SMB. 

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