SPARE AIR is the smallest independent SCUBA system available with enough air to get you to the surface in an out-of-air emergency. The patented SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of SCUBA diving equipment for the safety minded diver. 

The Diving Company has been selling and servicing the 3cf Spare Air unit for over 10 years. Diving with them since 1997 and offering training with them for over 5 years.

Yes we even wrote a dive course based on the Spare Air unit.
As well as selling the units we also stock spare parts and service them.

The diving company service personal have been trained by Submersible Systems Inc, the manufacturer of SpareAir, as factory certified technicians in the USA. When you purchase a Spare Air unit from The Diving Company you get a great price, manufactures warranty and service second to none.

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